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Another surprise late addition to the Ostara spring 2023 collection, the ‘CHERRY’ (blossoms)/Sakura earrings are one-of-a-kind beaded earrings showcasing a cherry blossom tree in bloom. Created as an asymmetrical pair, they arrive just in time for the trees blooming all over, and were especially inspired by the cherry blossom trees that line the streets of Portland and Japan. They are truly the perfect accessory to wear to a romantic spring picnic! These babes are handmade with love so go ahead and romanticize your life and be the main character. ❤️

Featuring glass seed beads in a dreamy frosted transparent finish with flowers in shades of pink, these earrings were crafted with great attention to detail. They hang around 3 inches long and are the perfect lightweight statement earrings to add to your collection of unique jewelry. The hand-stitched design is held together with strong tension, eliminating the need for any glue, and making them a durable choice even with daily wear.

We've made sure that these earrings are accessible to anyone - including those with gauged ears - by using brass lever back hooks*, so say goodbye to earrings that fall out, and hello peace of mind!

Embrace romanticizing every moment of your one, precious life and add a touch of effortless style to your outfit with the ‘CHERRY’ earrings. Only one pair exists though, so act fast to make these beauties yours. 

*Ear hooks can be switched out for stainless steel lever backs (best for nickel allergies) or brass clip-ons. Simply choose the option you want when adding to your cart!