SEDONA | Gold Brass Beaded Earrings

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It's time to head back to the desert with these one-of-a-kind dusty beauties! Handmade with great attention to detail, the 'SEDONA' earrings are an unusual original design crafted from glass seed beads in gorgeous brown, tan, and gold colors of the desert, adorned with a raw brass charm.  

These shoulder dusters hang almost 5 inches long, yet are so lightweight you can easily wear them while dancing all day and night on the desert dancefloor. The hand-stitched design is held together utilizing strong tension which eliminates the need for any glue and makes them a durable choice even with daily wear.

We've made sure that these earrings won't fall out no matter what you get into and are even accessible to anyone - including those with gauged ears - by using brass lever back hooks*. So say goodbye to lost earrings and hello peace of mind!

Only one pair of these unique statement earrings is available so act fast to add this jewelry to your collection!

*Ear hooks can be switched out for stainless steel lever backs (best for nickel allergies) or brass clip-ons. Simply choose the option you want when adding to your cart!