ESPIRITU | Snake Vertebrae Bone Earrings

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Calling all free-spirited women who crave adventure and a deep connection with nature! Our rattlesnake bone vertebrae handmade beaded earrings are made for you.

These earrings embody the raw, natural beauty of the world we live in, and will perfectly complement your love of the great outdoors. Handcrafted with real rattlesnake bone vertebrae and glass seed beads, these earrings are a unique and one-of-a-kind accessory that will set you apart from the commercialism of mass-produced jewelry.

As you hit the open road and explore all that the world has to offer, these earrings will be your perfect companion. They're a symbol of the strength and resilience that you embody as you navigate through life's twists and turns, shedding old skin and embracing new beginnings just like a rattlesnake.

So whether you're camping in the mountains or road-tripping through the desert, these earrings will add a touch of natural beauty to your ensemble. Embrace your love of nature and adventure with our rattlesnake bone vertebrae beaded earrings, and feel the freedom that comes with living life on your own terms.