LUNA | Sparkly Boho Earrings

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These sparkly boho beaded fringe earrings are handmade and woven onto a piece of gold-colored brass showcasing the phases of the moon. Glass seed beads in neutral tones balance the subtle sparkles that shine in the moonlight.

The 'LUNA' earrings are about 4 inches long and weigh just a few grams making them comfortable to wear through your all-night full moon celebrations, and they are crafted using strong tension making them durable for whatever hijinx you get into!

Ear hooks are a brass lever back*, making them accessible even for those with gauged ears, and a guarantee that they won't fall out! Say goodbye to lost earrings and hello to peace of mind!

These earrings are one-of-a-kind so grab them quickly to make them part of your collection.

 *Ear hooks can be switched out for stainless steel lever backs (best for nickel allergies) or brass clip-ons. Simply choose the option you prefer when adding to your cart!